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Why should a woman have a dress, lipstick and a mirror? This obvious forgery maybe came from, or at least was supported, by the Ukrainian Security Service SBU : Markian Lubkivskii, advisor to the Head of Security Service of Ukraine used his Facebook 19 account to officially endorse the information and to give some details on the case. Relying on his experience at the front during World War I, Marc Bloch suggested that rumours were mainly born among soldiers and that they circulated via word of mouth between the front and the rear Once again, such rumours can be heard on both sides.

Their name recalls the white camouflage suits worn by Finnish soldiers who moved on skis, hid in the forests, and inflicted heavy losses to Soviet soldiers during the Winter War. This association between ski and rifle certainly explains why the White Tights were said in Chechnya to be former biathlon champion — and why the legend reappears about Ukrainian biathlonist Olena Pidrushnaia.

It permits also a reference to foreign mercenaries — the Baltic States being seen as outposts of the US. A press conference by the head of the Luhansk People Republic Valery Bolotov on the 17 th of June shows how this issue of women snipers can be bloated to feed the narrative. Thus, the reactivation of the White Tights legend certainly plays a role in the resurgence of rumours about women snipers, even if other factors need to be explored.

Since the beginning of the conflict, both sides have highlighted the presence of women in armed groups.

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Women volunteers are put forward because they allow the representation of a nation united against the aggression. Different media reports stress their dedication, their skill, presenting them as proficient military specialists As the skills requested from sharpshooter are not linked with physical strength, but with those characteristics often attributed to women such as patience, precision, and cunning, nothing contradicts the idea that they could be snipers.

A special school was created and though it trained only two thousand women, Soviet propaganda dwelled on the deeds of heroic snipers such as Rosa Shanina, Natalia Kovshova or Liudmila Pavlichenko. A sniper is a highly specialized professional, who masters not only sharpshooting but also camouflage skills, and who has a specific function on the battlefield.

Being a sniper requires a lengthy military formation to which women in Ukraine still do not have access. On the one hand, the term sniper is sometimes used in its narrow military sense: rumours about snipers on the roof, shooting from a concealed position, inflicting on purpose specific injuries neck, head, etc. In the same spirit, on the 8 th of March , a beauty contest was organized in Donetsk, where all contestants were fighters themselves.

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Women paraded in evening dress but were also pictured in alluring poses and holding guns, ready to shoot. Indeed, masculinity is both asserted and endangered during wars. This focus on masculinity may explain why, when soldiers are under sniper fire, the claim that these snipers are women. In Chechnya, the White Tights were said to take specific pleasure in shooting soldiers in their reproductive organs — and this legend also reached Ukraine.

This universal theme, which can be traced back to the traditional vagina dentata folktales, with their stories of castration, can also be found in the Vietnam War stories about Vietnamese prostitutes who put Coke bottles in their vagina to emasculate American GIs But the legend also has a proper post-soviet aspect: Soviet propaganda about women snipers and their heroic deeds during World War II made the woman sniper a familiar and credible figure.

The fact that this legend can be found on both sides of the front suggests that the conflicting parties share a common soviet heritage. It also hints at the existence of a common cultural space, since the White Tights were a well-known figure in Russian war films of the s. Which leads me onto….

One of the best new characters to be introduced to the world of Borderlands, Tiny Tina, is back. She was 13 in Borderlands 2, and by the looks of it, she's a young adult now possibly 18 - Now, this worries me. Because the short-haired girl from the beginning is also seen with angel wings.

Could she possibly be one of the villains in Borderlands 3?

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Sad face. Looks like these people by the flying car more on that later are your four main playable Vault Hunters. Flying beside the car, of course! Axton, Roland, Wilhelm. Perhaps the robot is even related to the enigmatic high-tech Zero in some way. Either way, as it looks like this is the long-range class, it probably puts them in the leagues of characters like Mordecai and Gaige, both of whom fought from a distance. Come to think of it, I do miss Deathtrap. Maybe this robot is some distant relation?

American Sniper

Although the second lot of Vault Hunters might be hiding away somewhere, there are a handful of other returning characters. Come on, you know what I mean: one of those futuristic bikes where the wheel extends all the way over your head. Taya is concerned with stopping her husband from going to war. Marc Lee is concerned with doing the right thing. Biggles is concerned with doing his job.

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Mustafa is concerned with sniping US soldiers. The Sheikh is concerned with surviving. Grey-Winston is concerned with staying out of it. Achieving Experience in the Dilemmas of War—The Iraqi Insurgents are more experienced with navigating their homeland and fighting guerilla wars than the US, which gives the Iraqi Insurgents the upper hand even though most of them are far less skilled than the US military. But the US military is more experienced in waging war in general. Later, Chris is able to make some headway when he kills the Butcher while Mustafa fails to get Chris in his sights.

Lastly, while Mustafa picks off engineers, Chris sets up his gun in the wrong direction, costing him a life. Applying a Kill-Shot to Mustafa—In the end, Chris sets up his weapon in the right direction, aims it at Mustafa, and takes a sensationally accurate kill-shot. The real problem is the in-ability to kill high-profile enemy leaders, and not doing that allows the persistance of the insurgents killing US soldiers.

Chris determines that preventing the death of US soldiers is that right thing to do, and refuses to give up on it. Without his expert skill, the story stops moving forward; he would not be drawn into combat to proactively save the lives of soldiers. Biggles distracts Chris with banter regarding his own fiance. He picks off enemy gunmen on day-to-day duty during his first deployment. Soon, tracks down an enemy enforcer name the Butcher but is neither to do anything about him nor save the man and child he kills due to an enemy sniper.

Months later, the Butcher is located, and the sniper is deployed a second time to kill him. The sniper succeeds. During deployment three, the enemy sniper injures Biggles and insurgents kill Marc Lee. The sniper returns a fourth time to Iraq and kills the enemy sniper via an impressive mile-long shot. With the expansion of international involvement over the last half century, the US has become a focus of hatred for specific people groups, especially around the turn of the century.

Terrorism has been an act of protest to instill fear in the US. Eventually, tensions culminate with the attack on the World Trade Center in NYC, which incites a US invasion into the Middle East to hunt down groups affiliated with the act of terror and dictatorships committing similar crimes against humanity.

This invasion is the beginning of the problem of the overall story. His memories are strong, and his instincts worsen. Displaying Hyper-Arousal—Chris is always on edge. He closes off to his wife in the nursery and bedroom, ignoring her pleas. Conversely, he displays extreme edginess toward lawn mower noises, drills in the auto shop, and vehicles on the interstate; he even screams at a nurse he perceives to be ignoring his daughter.

As a boy he develops this sense in the context of defending his little brother on the playground from bullies; as a man he transfers it to defending SEALs and marines on the battlefield, which is the setting in which PTSD delivers blow after blow to his self-worth. Though initially helpful as a boy, his raw values prove to be in want of fleshing out. Chris is confident in his course of action.

Yet, despite it, his worry for soldiers mounts with the rise in his confidence that he is doing the right thing. The doctor takes the attention off of him and encourages him to participate with disabled veterans. Chris quietly accepts an accurate a treatment for his PTSD. Also he makes a difference in the lives of soldiers; galvanizes his healing process.

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He develops PTSD. A strong, stubborn man with a black-and-white view of right and wrong. Chris is a skilled sniper who suffers from debilitating PTSD though he hides it well.

He snipes Iraqi insurgents, spend time with his wife, and puts up emotional walls.