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What has to happen before you get there? What does the reader need to know by the end? You may have left out a key thought, clue or concept. What have I left out? What would naturally come next?

Is time a factor? What if I made this a screenplay instead of a novel? No question is too stupid when it comes to framing and improving your story. Just be brave enough to accept and embrace the answers! A Jewish folktale tells of a man searching for paradise. Every night he points his shoes toward his goal and goes to bed. Every morning he steps into his shoes and continues his journey. But one night, a mischievous imp turns the shoes around.

Pretty soon, he ends up back where he started from. His problem had nothing to do with lack of effort or motivation. He even had a wonderful destination. He just never noticed he was walking in the wrong direction. That same imp visits writers. He sneaks into our stories and points the plot in the wrong direction.

Sometimes we write ourselves into a corner. If not, where did I make the wrong turn?

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Stay on track. Every day when you start writing, make sure the shoes are pointing in the right direction. Good article. Correction though — Walpole did not write The Three Princes of Serendip, he simply recounted his recollection of the tale in a letter. You must be logged in to post a comment. Stay focused and make the entire list in a single sitting for best results. Try thinking of your project in a completely different way. Go nuts! One method called Janusian Thinking involves connecting two opposite or ridiculous concepts to create an original idea.

A strange combination could spark a great idea. If you can find a nice, quiet spot to escape from your usual work routine , meditation might help you stoke the creative flame. A recent study published by Frontiers in Cognition showed that certain meditation techniques influence the divergent and convergent styles of thinking—the main two ingredients for creativity. It will also help you relax, which is never a bad thing. Pick up a broom, do the dishes or even pave the driveway—any menial work that will allow your mind to wander.

This frees up your subconscious and will allow new ideas to enter.

Break out of your comfort zone by being creative in a different way. This will force you to look at your project with a new perspective as you strive to overcome different challenges. Jennifer Motian lives in Chicago and writes for a company that provides patent brokerage services. Back to the Blog Overview.

These approaches will help your talent shine through. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways to jump start the creative juices : 1. True Blue Surround yourself with the cool, calming color of blue to give your creativity a boost. Keep It Random Grab a magazine or book, flip to any page and just start reading.

Fear can debilitate us. It can give us an excuse.

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It plays with our minds. Ed grew up on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. The youngest of 6 siblings, Ed was determined not to be another hopeless statistic from the inner city. Using his Today, Jasmin Darznik, the New York Times bestselling author joins us to answer questions on writing your story, developing a portfolio, finding an agent and much more! Tune in to learn more on how to publish a book!

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In this bonus episode, we continue our conversation with New York Times bestselling author Jasmin Darznik. Welcome back to another episode of the Creative Breakthrough! Happy New Year! I love the start of a new year. And I love setting new goals! But before we begin, couple of announcements… My website got spammed! Somehow someone subscribed over 1, new emails to my website. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and had time to rest, relax, and spend time with your friends and family! As comes to a close, I want to say thank you to all of you for listening, sharing, and subscribing!

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  • Jumpstart Your Digital and Creative Job Hunt in 5 Easy Steps - AMA Triangle.

Precious Hannah from episode 12 is back to talk to us about her creative process and where her inspiration comes from when she is designing a shoe. She started her career at Nike as an intern and worked her way to footwear design — her passion and her goal.

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She is also a Pensole alum, a design academy that educates and challenges the next generation of product creators to be successful So here you go! Here are my 5 keys to success for time management. Links Mentioned: Passion She frequently collaborates with a In this episode, Shereen will share with you how she transformed her life and her career by Who is Rizwan Manji? I challenge you to say YES to something new, fun, exciting, or different this week and then drop me a line and tell me how it made Laura Diaz is a former news anchor and reporter.

She decided to switch careers to radio because of the depressing environment that local news gravitates toward. She found herself not being able to shake it off after getting home from a long news day. If you are unsure, this episode is for you! Stop spending money and time on expensive courses, books, and Instagram quotes. Instead tune in to this episode of Creative Breakthrough where Shereen Kassam aka Funny Brown Girl will provide you tips and advice on how to find Hear how Maz Jobrani went from being a PhD student to an internationally known stand-up comedian.

Maz discusses the importance of following your dreams, practicing your craft, and making opportunities for yourself. In episode three, Shereen talks about the importance of believing in yourself, pursuing your passions wholeheartedly, and not listening to the doubters. Talking about her challenges pursuing acting, Shereen discusses how she had to believe that she is enough and to stop doubting herself. Top-Rated Apple Podcast focused on creativity!

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