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Watch out for whenever jacks pop up.

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Super fun. Would mark CNs but that whole section is braindead. Super fun chart with less hell jacks than another. Do not miss the 32nd chord roll at the end or use hard gauge if you're a pimp Scratching , Jacks , Rolls , Chords Regular, Random HC on this means you should be 8th dan or gettin into 11s if you're not already Jacks , Scales , Chords Regular, Random First half is almost high-9 difficulty.

Scales wildin. End gets a lil hairy chord wise. Extremely fun. Crossovers 1p nonran on the charge notes???????? If you are not this song is fun. This song is fun.

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Insane speedtest, as mentioned above it is very genocidable if you're clean enough on the bassrush-y part after the break and you just let it rip through the ending. Watch out for the nageki style scales with lil dingles in em, and the chrono diver pendulums hyper esque chord bullshit in the triplet part in the middle. Random can be good if it gives you a shit ton of dr marios. Random makes some parts harder and some parts easier. God I love scales and this has plenty of em. Great way to learn how to scratch and scale simultaneously Scratching , Speed Changes , Scales Regular HC however Scratching , Jacks , Scales , Trills Regular Doesn't do the same thing for more than 4 bars anywhere in the whole song.

This Chart is so Good????!!!?? Fun little density while holding HCNs on either side. Bursts of chordy stuff don't get above Couple stinky rolls in beginning.

Beginning patterns are god awful lol, random a must and it typically doesn't make the end into Twister. Weird patterns and lil chord rolls at the end. Dense chunks in between the scratches the whole way are pretty low caliber, then it gets ridiculous in like the last 8 bars Scratching , Jacks , Charge Notes , Scales , Chord Scales , Rolls , Chords , Difficult End Regular Nothing really noteworthy here other than some mid density in the middle and bassrushy shit at the end that might cuck you out of normal clear.

Just awkward scratch rhythms the whole way through, and typical spada density. Ugly ugly chart. Watch for jacks. Kinda weird bursty scratch parts make HC a bit more annoying overall. The slowdown is short enough to where I don't bother floating it; the part after it speeds back up is kind of brutal.


Forget about scoring lol. Just don't tank your gauge on the chord jacks and if you can whip out them lil scales its not too bad Jacks , Scales , Chords , Difficult Middle Regular, Random When you see the four dense scratches, hit the first 3 as 16ths and the last on the next beat; can cheese as straight 16ths.

Denses up at end. Good stairs practice in middle. I think this is fair as the hardest 11 in the game but that means a bunch of shit is getting bumped up lol, I'm looking at you macuilxochitl Scratching , Chord Scales , Chords , Difficult End Random Would be Crucial to memorize the slowdown and memorize the rhythm during the wave speed changes. Other than that, just save a good chunk of stamina for the runs at the end and even the life4 is super gettable.

Jumps , Speed Changes , Step-Jumps 1. Finally at least something to bridge the chasm a bit. Nothing in here particularly unfair, just a test of technical ability at a really high level. Super fun but prepare to pick up mad goods in all the speed changes. This shit tests everything you got. Memorize speedups in the beginning.

I found this way easier to mash than VD. I dream of being able to play this chart the way it's meant to be played because it's cool as fuck, but if you do it legit it easily becomes a The rhythm in the beginning follows the bass, it's easier to fuck up than it looks. Jumps , Freeze Notes , Drills , Candles 3. Play on mute for score Crossovers , Jumps , Freeze Notes 3. Patterns not too bad, a little tower-y.

Doublestepping recommended for mashing a clear or for scoring, doing the turns recommended for being a gangster Crossovers , Speed Changes , Stops , Turns , Freeze Notes , Difficult End 1. Extremely good practice for working up to little runs at that show up in 18s. Gallops , Jumps , Stops , Drills 2.

Otherwise this chart is dope, is fun Crossovers , Drills , Step-Jumps 2.

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The stops and slowdowns feel really natural, and the weird stepjumpy shit in the beginning is a ton of fun once you get it down. If you are good at crossovers subtract. I PFCd on Shuffle and I recommend that approach for pass or score; it turns the hell 12th run and the whole chart into doublesteppable garbage.

The site won't let me put The fast part is easy to read so don't be afraid to use a high speed mod; learning the stops in that part will help to conserve energy. Bracket that mistake of a freeze in the ending. Goofy little turns, jacks, and jumps and they don't stop coming. Insanely fun, good middle ground between the classic and EDP; tbh just EDP crammed full of Sota rhythms, gimmicks, and more technical steps. Mirror isn't a bad choice either. Other than that A is pretty unassuming; note that the slowdown steps are half as fast as the song might make you think.

Probably one of the easiest X-Specials to time, not worth doing the turns if you're going for score Turns , Jacks 2. Fun to play, annoying to play well; you either have to do some really crafty doublestepping or get tangled up in crossovers. Watch out for the spinny ones at the end. Don't fear the ; study and you can read the first half faster. I don't footswitch anywhere but if you can pop off them quick ones go nuts, just learn which foot to use. If you can stream it's free if not this is like a Watch out for weird shit in the speed changes, especially on life4.

Solid low 14, slept on only because there is literally nothing notable about the chart. Gallops , Jumps , Freeze Notes 3. Jacks are brutal easier on mirror for right foot dominant fellas and the gallop parts at the end are Fun, but at bpm, taxing. Gallops , Jacks , Difficult End 2. Ugly candles are the only thing that add spice to awkward 8th streams and freeze jacks. Watch for a little burst that starts on an ambiguous foot near the end out of some freezes. Arguably hard enough to fake its way into the 15 club I say no ; definitely weird enough to stay a 14 in the land of misfit charts.

If you like jumps this is a great first 14 for passing. I am good at this chart, a lot of people are, a lot of people are not. That said the streams are pretty fun, song is ridiculously good Drills , Step-Jumps 3. Would be one of the best 15s in the game if it weren't for all those damn stepjumps aaaaargh Crossovers , Gallops , Jumps , Turns 3. If you are bad at chords like me this song will continue to sodomize you well into the 11 folder.

Random grind for gains Scratching , Jacks , Chords. Cut for a reason.

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This chart fucking owns, the scratch section in the middle is super clever. It gets considerably less dense as it goes on. The beginning is worthy on random, but hit the chords at the end and you can make it back no problem Jacks , Scales , Chord Scales , Rolls , Chords , Difficult Beginning. Scales , Rolls , Chords , Difficult Middle. Pretty fun slept on chart. Gets a little sweaty near the end, if you're worried about passing just forget about timing the cns and focus on all the other stuff and it should keep your gauge fat Scratching , Charge Notes , Scales , Chords , Difficult End.

The ending density is more than manageable for a 10 but the scratches alone throw it comfortably into 11 territory on sheer awkwardness alone Scratching , Chord Scales , Chords , Difficult End. Get jacked up for this goofy ass chart. Early in their history, they turned down a potential deal with Chicago label Bobsled, because the label wanted to put its green logo on the CD. Early in their career, the band provided various descriptions of their relationship. Jack claimed that he and Meg were siblings , the youngest two of ten.

The White Stripes made exclusive use of a red, white and black color scheme when conducting virtually all professional duties, from album art to the clothes worn during live performances; [8] Meg said that "like a uniform at school, you can just focus on what you're doing because everybody's wearing the same thing.

The media and fans alike varied between intrigue and skepticism at the band's appearance and presentation. Andy Gershon, president of the V2 label at the time of their signing, was reluctant to sign them, saying, "They need a bass player, they've got this red-and-white gimmick, and the songs are fantastic, but they've recorded very raw Seuss clothes, represent blood-and-bones Detroit, a city whose greatest resource is asphalt?

Even at the expense of the truth. On October 2, , Jim Diamond —the owner and operator of Ghetto Recorders recording studio—filed a lawsuit against the band and Third Man Records for "breach of contract. The band also appeared as themselves in The Simpsons episode " Jazzy and the Pussycats " in Icky Thump is featured on the Justice League soundtrack [].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American rock duo. For the album, see The White Stripes album.