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The books and the video I got at the library so there was no out of pocket cost here. As for the other activities, I simply purchased supplies as needed.

Mr. Nussbaum History 13 Colonies Activities Activities

To make soap, I purchased a soap making kit from the craft store. We had the supplies for the art project on hand, and the ingredients for the shrewsbury cakes were already in our kitchen.

13 Colonies: Comparing Regions New England, Middle, and Southern

The fun thing about trying to live it is that it also brings more questions to the surface, giving us a chance to explore things we may not have covered had we just done the reading and writing. Unit studies are great tools for homeschool, but they are also excellent ways to explore topics of interest with your kids in your free time. So your child goes to traditional school but loves presidents — pick a president and spend a weekend doing a mini-unit study with your kids about who he was, what it was like during his lifetime, reading books about it, etc.

Activity 1. Defining the British Colonies

The most important thing is that you have fun while encouraging your children to learn more about what interests them! Would you like more information on lessons or educational materials? Divide the class into four groups.

Teach This Topic

Tell them that each group will then report their findings to the class. Step 3 : Distribute a different Student Handout to each group, along with a copy of the Graphic Organizer — What was everyday life like in colonial Virginia? Instruct student to read their passage and look at the photographs.

Suggest that students highlight key words pertaining to the roles of their assigned group as they read the passage. Have each group discuss among themselves the roles of their group and record them in the appropriate section of the graphic organizer.

History and Founding of Virginia Colony

Step 4 : Have each group select a member of their group to present findings to the rest of the class. Instruct all students to add information on the other groups to their graphic organizer as their classmates report. Summary Activity : Have students write a journal entry comparing life in colonial Virginia to life in Virginia today. These books cover a wide time frame and geographical region: McGovern, Ann.

If You Lived in Colonial Times.